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Who are we

We are a family owned Townsville based paediatric physiotherapy service. We pride ourself in family centred care, and put you and your child at the forefront of our therapy. We are here to help  your child acheive their specific functional goals, and develop their motor skills to allow them to fully participate in whatever it is they want or need to do. 

Services Provided

We offer a number of services to meet a wide range of cleint needs. If you have any questions, or want to find out if we are the right match for your child. Please give us a call and one of our friendly therapist would be happy to talk with you.

Developmental Assessments & Treatment

Assessments available to determine your child’s current developmental motor skills. These assessments highlight areas that may benefit from therapy, whilst showing strengths that can be utilised within treatment plans to scaffold the weaker areas.

Differences in Walking Patterns

If you are concerned with your child’s walking, or their position or orientation of their knee’s or feet; than we can help you determine if there is something that needs to be done for them.

 Foot Differences 

There are some common foot differences that can occur in newborns and children. If you are concerned with the position of your infant or childs foot and feel it may impact on their function. Please book an appointment and we can complete an assessment, and offer treatment advice.

Plagiocephaly (head shape differences) and Torticollis 

During pregnancy as your baby grows, it can run out of room in the womb. This can cause your baby to be in a prolonged position with their head pressed up against your womb. Due to infant’s heads being pliable, this can cause a flattened spot on their skull and also cause neck muscle tightness. 

Paediatric Conditions/ Genetirc Disorders

We can help support skill development, whilst ensuring secondary changes are reduced and regular monitoring of your childs current presentation is provided where required. 

Muskuloskeletal Releases and Manual Therapy 

We offer paediatric specific manual therapy, including soft tissue release, joint mobilisations, and movement analysis. We assess the impacts of the way your child is moving on their body; and can offer play based intervention to assist strengthening the weakened areas, whilst providing the manual releases to ensure they have the range of motion and functional movements required to achieve the skills required.

Hydrotherapy (Aquatic Physiotherapy)

Hydrotherapy is a water-based physiotherapy designed to improve movement, balance and strength as well as aid in pain management. Movement in the water adds another element of fun to therapy sessions to encourage and motivate children to achieve their goals.
The multiple benefits include:
 independence of movement not possible on land.
 decreased swelling, improved circulation and reduced pain.
 support of body weight, enabling easier walking and general mobility.
 reduced muscle spasm, allowing relaxation.
 pain management.
 improved water confidence, and
 improved fitness.


NeurOptimal works by sensing changes in brain activity, which then provides feedback to assist in optimising function and improving brain efficiency. Area’s that it may assist with are improved stress responses, improved emotional regulation, increased attention and focus, improved memory, improved sleep patterns, optimising learning of new skills including functional skills, improving performance, reducing anxiety, enhancing cognitive functioning and mental clarity. Please phone our friendly staff to find out more information.


Our Team

Meet our therapy team. 

Kim Dunstan

Director/ Senior Physiotherapist

Kim has a background in muskuloskeletal physiotherpay prior to commencing her practice in paediatric physiotherapy. Being a mother of two beautiful daughters herself, she understands the stressors and pressures placed on parents today. She has a strong interest in motor control and movement, and loves working with kids. 

Michelle Watson

Senior Physiotherapist

Michelle has worked in many different multidisciplinary settings and has worked in paediatrics within the Townsville Hospital, and at Children’s Hospitals around Australia. She is passionate about helping children to achieve their goals and has a friendly and warm approach to getting children to participate in therapy.

Olivia Kennedy


Olivia has just recently finished her Physiotherapy with Honours degree at James Cook University. She has a passion for supporting and working with kids which has been evident during her activities during her studies. Her honours research study was regarding children with cerebral palsy and the benefits of engaging in hydrotherapy. She has also volunteered and continues to volunteer in a variety of paediatric community services. She has a bubbly personality which assists to engage kids in their therapy. Play and fun is definitely a focus of her sessions.

Bala Ramalingam

Allied Health Assistant

Bala has trained as a physiotherapist in India and is in the process of getting his qualifications recognised in Australia. Bala has completed extra training in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy whilst in India. Bala has worked with Children in the past and brings a vast amount of experience to his role.  

Katie Barfield

Allied Health Assistant

Katie brings with her a personal touch to her assistant work, having a child with a disability herself. She is able to relate and respond to clients’ needs in an understanding and compassionate manner and has had first hand experience on handling the extra pressures of caring for a child with extra needs. Katie is undertaking her Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance.

Latest News

Watch this space for upcoming blogs, tips, advice, fun activites, and general information that can assist your child to develop and grow into the best adult they can be.  

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